American Thunder Band - Neither Here Nor Thayer Vinyl 12"


American Thunder Band "Neither Here Nor Thayer" on Vinyl 12" - Digital

Pressing Info: 150 Black, 350 White.

Co-release with Count Your Lucky Stars.

"This record is a fucking beast from front to back. Lyrically it’s introspective and moving. Musically, it’s agressive and cathartic. People will pigeonhole this as an “angry” record. That’s true to a point. People mistake yelling vocals for anger. There is a lot of emotion behind these songs, and you owe it to yourself to give it a go. Don’t fucking sleep on this." - Team Reasonable

Track Listing-Side A:

1. Spring Break '09 II
2. Soooooo Like, You Don't Like Led Zeppelin
3. No Time! Gotta Get to Berbiggles
4. Good Hank
5. Ya'll Virgins?

Side B:

6. Kim Trails
7. Hey Ricky, There's Meafloaf
8. Eazy-E Can Eat a Big Fat Dick
9. Butt World
10. Down to Fuck