The Midwestern Charm - Growing Pains CD


The Midwestern Charm "Growing Pains" on CD - Digital

"its urgent jangle counts Jeff Tweedy’s early work among its many relevant touchpoints. Angsty mid-’90s alt-rock radio looms largest — think Gin Blossoms or Del Amitri or Weezer with a pinched nose — and there’s a furious emo undercurrent, particularly in the feedback-laden intro...Suffice it to say that if you like melodic guitar pop, you will be infatuated with this music." - Stereogum

"... ‘Growing Pains’ feel like an album in full, and not just a culmination of songs. This is a coming of age record that feels more like a welcome home than it does anything else. You’re welcomed by this warm, summery feeling of familiarity. To most, the word “summery” usually elicits singalong ready choruses, but the haunting dreary sounds of the organ being played in the background of “Wallflower” and lyrics like “There’s no use to hanging on when you’ve got nothing left to hold/I feel more like a stranger each time that I come home”, feel like they were meant for long drives on summer nights. Summer and Americana feel like they were made for each other, and this record is all the evidence you’ll need to support that statement." - 36 Vultures