Wild Pink - Good Life Wild Pink


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"The Brooklyn-based band walks the tightrope between getting down on yourself and dancing around, with interlocking guitars and scrappy drums that provide a buffer from the dark clouds of emotion overhead. It’s the kind of songcraft that can only come about organically, and Wild Pink are all the more satisfying for it." - Stereogum

"Laconic without being lazy and passionate without being puerile, this vignette never loses too much kinetic energy in its pop-leaning circuity. What’s lost is innocence. However, what’s gained is perspective." - Modern Vinyl

"The Brooklyn-based band feels similarly refreshing on the other four tracks on their new EP, Good Life, tempering some heavy notions with buoyant pick-me-up guitars and a driving, stumbling forward momentum. John Ross’ scratchy vocals demand to be heard, speaking truth in simple terms: “I want a good life,” he says on the title track. Over rollicking backbeats, the band reflects back on past mistakes and attempts to untangle the present...The emotions Wild Pink grapple with may be messy, but their music is markedly not." - Stereogum