Ice Hockey - Wavefunction Collapse Cassette


Ice Hockey "Wavefunction Collapse" on Cassette - Digital

The cassette is available in red with gold letting.

"...Wavefunction Collapse is a record that definitely demands more time in the spotlight. It's one of the more intense albums out the 2015 gates thus far. Emotional. Vulnerable. Stirring. Hard not to get these feels inherent with late '90s/early 2000s hardcore screamo/punk bands. Ice Hockey leans to the former and leans quite well. There's a lot on offer -- hardcore, progressive rock (as per the silky smooth yet abrasive when need be guitars) and even thrash punk. "Rock Island" and "The Great Flood of '93" illustrate this perfectly and let me warn you, the pit'll explode when these hit. Interesting musical structures drape the album and they're inconsistent and non-linear which I honestly think gives Ice Hockey a nice edge. They feel like modern PBTT mixed with the older, gruffer stuff from The Saddest Landscape." - PunkNews

"...with 'Wavefunction Collapse' you will find some of the most chaotic, bombastic hardcore this side of Combatwoundedveteran and Reversal Of Man. Now, don't take that to mean these guys are some sort of fly-by-night copycat outfit. That couldn't be further from the truth. Ice Hockey are blazing their own trails and tearing down any preconceived ideas about what a screamo record is supposed to sound like. This isn't all blast for blast's sake, shirt collar tugging, fall on the floor for effect samecore. These songs take on lives of their own because everyone in this band is a master of their craft." - Harboring Ghosts