Glish is a band comfortable in their own skin; forged out of the blistering New Orleans punk scene, they are afraid of nothing and no one having shared the stage with bands such as Coliseum, Merchandise, and Kayo Dot. Glish bring their unique brand of nu-gaze, dream-pop to the masses with powerful live performances and records that mesmerize. Their most recent effort and debut full-length (s/t) is masterful, with wide praise and recognition as a record to be revered. "Glish have probably made the best shoegaze record of the year, and they've made it seem totally effortless." said James Rettig of Stereogum (2014). We could not love them more.

FFO: Lush, Swervedriver, Low

Will Miller – will[at]
Byron Chance – glishband[at]