Glish - Glish Cassette


Glish S/T Full Length on Cassette - Digital

"Glish have probably made the best shoegaze record of the year, and they’ve made it seem totally effortless. But it’d be a shame to pigeon-hole them into a single genre because their self-titled debut sees them expanding far beyond that: from the tumultuous noise-pop of “Stu Hunkington” to bratty punk on “X Files,” this is the sound of a band that just can’t sit still. Even the songs that play a little bit more by the traditional rules have heft — the album is bookended by two masterful tracks: “Pretty Car” is a searing, heart-caught-in-your-throat slowburn, and album closer “Kvlt” is gloriously impenetrable. The New Orleans group have made an album that is as dusty and demanding as their hometown, but it’s also breathtakingly beautiful." - Stereogum